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  • Hey! Today I want to share my newest plugin with you guys.
    Its called makesmart-image-gallery.

    Live Demo


    How to use

    Just add [[gallery]] on top of your image-collection, followed by the images which should be displayed in the slider:


    This simple syntax creates a slim and nice image-gallery:

    It uses Swiper as slider. You can look trough the examples to customize your slider if you want. To change behaviour edit static/lib/main.js.

    require(["swiper"], function (Swiper) {
      var swiper = new Swiper(".makesmart-image-gallery", {
        autoHeight: true,
        loop: true,
        pagination: {
          el: ".swiper-pagination",
          clickable: true,
        navigation: {
          nextEl: ".swiper-button-next",
          prevEl: ".swiper-button-prev",


    So far I dont know, how to use npm so this plugin is currently only available via GitHub.

    1. Clone the repo with
      git clone https://github.com/me-cooper/nodebb-plugin-makesmart-gallery
    2. Open the downloaded folder via console and link the folder with
      sudo npm link
    3. Go into your nodebb installation folder and type
      npm link nodebb-plugin-makesmart-gallery
    4. Activate the plugin via cli ./nodebb activate makesmart-gallery or via ACP

    Installation via NPM

    Here is the way @Spin0us installed it :

    npm install git+https://github.com/me-cooper/nodebb-plugin-makesmart-gallery.git


    It's my first plugin but I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


    • Display Image-Slider in the composer preview as well
  • Great idea! Can't wait to try it out and thanks for the video.

  • Nice and very slick looking. 👍

  • awesome! managed to grab the first star on your GH repo as well ;D

  • @dogs this is great! 👍 thanks

  • @dogs thank for this plugin 👍
    Here is the way i installed it :

    npm install git+https://github.com/me-cooper/nodebb-plugin-makesmart-gallery.git

    Hope this help.

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    We want to migrate wordpress posts as well as comments and replies associated to that post into nodeBB under General Discussion category.
    Please note our wordpress site is multi-site network.
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    @phenomlab, @baris I am also wondering if the plugin is compatible with v3?

    I am new here, and so am not quite sure what I am doing yet. That said, I tried to install this plugin using the Ubuntu ./nodebb command:

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    It gave an error and advised against installing the plugin with NodeBB v3.1.4. A plugin for dummy data seems like it would be really helpful. Lots are doing it with ChatGPT now.

    ...Thanks for the wonderful piece of software. 🙂