"Mark as read" doesn't work in Slick Theme

Bug Reports
  • (With all plugins deactivated + custom css/js disabled)

    • go to /unread page
    • (assuming there are some unread topics listed) click "Mark as read"
    • click "All"

    Result: Page reloads, without any change. URL in browser address bar changes to something like

    /unread?id[]=5&cid[]=5&cid[]=11&cid[]=11&cid[]=12&cid[]=12&cid[]=18&cid[]=18&cid[]=19&cid[]=19&cid[]=42&cid[]=42&cid[]=43&cid[]=43&cid[]=44&cid[]=44&cid[]=45&cid[]=45&cid[]=46&cid[]=46&cid[]=47&cid[]=47&cid[]=48&cid[]=48&cid[]=49&cid[]=49&cid[]=51&cid[]=51&cid[]=53&cid[]=53&cid[]=54&cid[]=54&cid[]=56&cid[]=56&cid[]=58&cid[]=58&cid[]=59&cid[]=59 .....

    There is no difference if I mark some topics individually and click "Mark as read" and then "Selected".

    It works as expected if I change to Persona theme, so I assume there is a bug in Slick Theme.

    Can anyone confirm this misbehavior on their forum?

    Any idea how to fix it?

  • What version of slick are you using and what is your nodebb version?

  • Both are latest.

    nodeBB: v1.16.2.
    nodebb-theme-slick: 1.3.8

  • I think this is fixed on the latest version of slick you can either wait for 1.17.0 or update to latest master.

  • @baris
    Thanks for your response.
    We have updated Slick Theme to latest version ( 1.4.3 ) and the issue is gone...
    ... but just because the whole functionality of Mark as read is completely gone 😁

    When inside of /unread page now, only the topic filter drop-down gets presented


  • Make sure persona theme and core is latest too.

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