Deleted topic is still visible

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  • If I delete a topic, I can still see it.Tested in Google Chrome and Firefox.
    On master with last commit: 2e49fe9 2014-05-18 | fixed meta property to name, for keywords (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master) [Julian Lam]


  • AFAIK admins can see deleted topics and posts. If you log out, you shouldn't see it.

  • Have a look in firebug for the deleted topic, it will have an opacity of 0.3, take that CSS and put it into customise, then change opacity for display:none

  • @a_5mith yes this change solves it.

  • @marcos2 permanent deletion is coming but posts just soft delete at the minute. šŸ‘

  • @a_5mith btw how do you recommend to track custom changes like this in current them located in node_modules dir when this directory is in .gitignore ? Any recommendation for this?
    When I run now ./nodebbb update and it updates my theme, then I will lose this modifications when do not commit them before. The same happened to me with custom javascripts.

  • @marcos2 pinging the pro @julian for that sort of question, git versioning is still quite new to me. I'm a one man website designing band. So Git isn't really a tool I've used.

  • @julian any recommendation pls to this question? At present , when I do any customization in theme and update nodebb, all my customization is deleted.

  • @marcos2 Utilise git stash to temporarily roll back your changes, and then ./nodebb upgrade to update the files. Then git stash pop to re-apply your changes.

    Take note of the messages -- if it says there's a conflict, then it means the file has changed too much for it to be automatically merge, so you must resolve it yourself.

  • @julian

    hm I mean this. My user case: Want to create a custom less file in directory myforum/node_modules/nodebb-theme-lavender/less

    With this structure:

     $: tree less/
    ā”œā”€ā”€ custom.less               # this is my custom less with display none 
    ā”œā”€ā”€ keyframes.less
    ā”œā”€ā”€ style.less
    ā”œā”€ā”€ variables.less
    ā””ā”€ā”€ whiteplum.less

    At present, directory node_modules is included in gitignore and out of git at all, so in my case I can not commit, stash or pop this file.

    If I run ./nodebb upgrade , my custom file fill be deleted.... so any customization Iike this is useless, because when I ./nodebb upgrade, it will be gone.

  • Ah yes, that is true... I forgot for a moment that the themes are not their own repository. In that case, your best bet would be to modify lavender by creating your own theme.

    In node_modules, run this:

    $ git clone nodebb-theme-marcos2
    $ cd nodebb-theme-marcos2
    # .. make your changes here, update plugin.json, theme.json, and package.json and rename "lavender" to "marcos2"

    From that directory (not the NodeBB main directory), you can use git stash, etc. git pull from that directory will pull in the latest lavender changes. Keep in mind this brings you out of the version release cycle for lavender, so caveat emptor!

  • @julian just found out, that I can insert this custom ccs into customize section in admin theme panel. It is fine as I do not plan do major layout changes.

    Are you planning to add something similar for javascripts as well ? - let say custom javascripts in custom theme section....

    For example, I want to have twitter follow buttton and facebook like on sidebar and need to add some javascripts according to docs and do not want to clone all theme repo because of this.


  • You can use the html widget to add custom javascript. Just put that in a script tag.


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