error: Error: [[error:group-name-too-long]] on NodeBB Upgrade

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  • After upgrading NodeBB from 1.13.x to 1.16.1 I received the following error after the first start of the NodeBB instance:

      → [2020/10/13] Create verified/unverified user groups...Error occurred
    2021-01-16T13:12:18.178Z [4567/28540] - error: Error: [[error:group-name-too-long]]
        at Object.Groups.validateGroupName (/home/makesmartnodebb/
        at Groups.create (/home/makesmartnodebb/
        at Object.wrapperCallback [as create] (/home/makesmartnodebb/
        at Object.method (/home/makesmartnodebb/
        at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
    [cluster] Child Process (28540) has exited (code: 0, signal: null)

    The key message was:

    error: Error: [[error:group-name-too-long]]

    So I used a MongoDB client - such as MongoDB Compass - to fix the displayed error.

    At first I used following filter to get the config of NodeBB.


    I found the config object with following Key/Value Pair:

    maximumGroupNameLength: 15

    I changed it to:

    maximumGroupNameLength: 30

    So I was able to start NodeBB again.

    I think the created groups within the upgrade caused this error.

    I just write this topic to help people who are searching for this error. This is the fix. 👍

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