Forum-in-subdirectory regression testing?

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  • Since this is related to bugs, I thought I would post it here (and not Github).

    I'm not sure what the NodeBB team does for regression testing but forum-in-subdirectory seems to break something every few releases. If you have a test suite or regression testing setup, I would suggest a copy of that for forum-in-subdirectory.

    Thanks for listening! 😎

  • @djensen47 Thanks for the suggestion!

    Currently, we don't have a robust regression testing suite for NodeBB. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but the only way we test for regressions in subfolders is:

    1. We have one developer whose development instance url is set to https://localhost/forum
    2. That's it.

    That used to be me (I'm also the guy who still runs NodeBB on redis, for that reason). The problem was I switched to direct port access for one reason or another and never switched back.

    We are looking to hire someone who has experience with front-end testing using Selenium, so if you know anybody, I'd be happy to talk to them 🙂

  • @julian Yeah, I might have somebody in mind.

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