Find and Modify a Single Topic Based on uid and Custom Field in my Plugin

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  • Hello,

    First of all, absolutley love nodebb! Keep up the amazingly good work. With that said I am a little stuck.

    I am working on a plugin that can (will) process a stripe payment for each new post. I have created an end-point hook for stripe to let me know when payment transactions have been completed. The problem that I have is I can't figure out how to find a topic based on uid and a custom session ID that I was successfully able to attach to every new topic. Once I can identify the topic I would like to mark it as paid by updating a custom field. Any ideas?

    I have looked into src/topics but I can't seem to figure out how to use any of the functions for what I am trying to do. I might be missing something a little bit more fundamental here.

    Thank you in advance!


  • Hi @avan-sardar, welcome!

    find a topic based on uid and a custom session ID

    Is this a requirement? If your plugin is listening for something like, then you can process the stripe payment.

    The action hook itself also sends the post data, which contains the pid and tid. Without more context, I am afraid I will not be able to help further.

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    @baris this is work! 👍 Thank you!


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    Very good. test ASAP 😉

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    I have begun work on a custom email plugin, and while looking at some others that are available to see how they went about things I noticed that all of the available plugins (at least that I have found so far) already have an entry in the email setup list, regardless of if you have downloaded the associated plugin for that service (ex. Sendgrid, Mailgun, etc).

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    My YouTube plugin needs updating. But I'm in London tomorrow to Thursday. Then spending alternate weeks in gibraltar. So its hard to find the time. 😉