New Users unable to post or chat after upgrade to 1.15.3

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    @Staff My forum was running on 1.14.3. When I upgraded to 1.15.3 some of the plugins like

    were causing the forum to not load up.

    So i reverted back to 1.14.3. Most things seemed to work but new accounts are unable to post or chat.

    Here are the permission settings.

    Other things i noticed

    • new user has no group.
      groups []

    • New user can't see list of categories when creating a new post.

    Seems like permissions issue, but i don't know how to resolve it.
    Please advise.

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    I've solved it!

    For someone else facing this. It seems to be a privileges issue. When migration scripts are ran during the upgrade, it messed up groups privileges for all categories. Which caused new users to not able to see or do anything on topics. Or it could be due to reverting back to 1.14.3 from 1.15.3. In any case newly registered account didn't have create topic and post permission.

    I gave that group this permission and copied the settings to all other categories (thanks to that button, lol)

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    Possibly related to the new verified-users, unverified-users groups. If your forum had the require email confirmation setting on and you upgraded then registered-users no longer have posting privileges. This is done by the upgrade scripts. But if you reverted without doing a database restore then registered-users won't have the privileges back.

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