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    When admins/mods ban a user from forum, users get an email including the reason for ban.

    Although it might change for some users, usually there are a few common reasons we ban users and I suspect it is the same for many forums.

    I am asking to be able to add a canned reason to the profile (and therefore to the email). So, instead of summarizing the reason each time we ban people, they can quickly get a longer writing that explains the reason very well.

    For example, in the case where they use an unacceptable nickname (such as "forum admin1"), we want them to know that they can re-register to the forum using an acceptable nickname and after reading the relevant part of forum rules and directives about nicknames (well, I know they did not read it in the first place 🙂 ). So, instead of making these explanations one by one, we would like to create a nice paragraph with explanatory reasons including quotes from forum rules on why they have been banned and how they can fix it.

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    @julian if this makes sense to you, do you think this can be a part of "canned responses" plugin?

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    I have carried this request here:

    Additionally, if it is possible I think canned responses would be nice to use on "post queue rejections" as well. There are general reasons posts of users are rejected. Rather than explaining each time, it would be nice to pick a nice and long explanation with examples.

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