Where should I put the copyright notice?

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    @eveh said in Getting Rid of notice in thread that topic has moved:

    On my forum as Admin I moved one thread to another category and let the users know.
    Still on that thread now weeks later theres a note inbetween posts that the thread was moved by admin.
    How can I remove this?

    Edit: I tried this, which I saw on another answer, but all it did was take the arrow out, the circle and message that post 'had been moved by admin' was still there
    .fa.fa-arrow-circle-right {

    if you move your cursor above the note, you should see "trash" icon on the right side of it... you can delete it this way...

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    Hello. Just wanted to let the devs know that when you type in ./nodebb start the first line is this

    NodeBB v1.17.1 Copyright (C) 2013-2014 NodeBB Inc.

    And obviously the Copyright (C) 2013-2014 isn't correct. Doesn't bug me and i dont really care, just wanted to point out.

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    This is likely due to the ad company not working well with Single Page Applications. You should talk to them about it and see what they say about it...

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    I think you need change theme templates, this file: node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/templates/header.tpl

    But you need realize, in this case updates to new versions may be more painfull.

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