How to deal with placeholder in URL?

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  • Hey! I set up a litte plugin.


    "hooks": [
          "hook": "static:app.load", "method": "init"

    libary.js - plugin.init()

    router.get('/projects', hostMiddleware.buildHeader, controllers.getCustomParam);
    router.get('/projects/:tag', hostMiddleware.buildHeader, controllers.getCustomParam);

    controllers.js - Controllers.getCustomParam()

    // Template which will be rendered
    res.render('admin/plugins/mytemplate', {
       title: "myTitle",
       sub_title: "thisIsASub"

    Everything works fine so far. But how can I deal with placeholder /projects/:tag e.g

    • /projects/diy
    • /projects/mechanics
    • /projects/electric

    1. How can I get the value of each :tag and in which file do I have declare my functions?

    2. How can I pass data from libary.js into my controllers.js?

    I want to do some code and functions and pass this data into my template to display it to the user.

    It would be nice if anyone could help me. ­čÖé

  • req.params.tag will give you the parameter.

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