NodeBB 1.15.0 - Home Again But Still Hard At Work

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  • We've released a new version v1.15.0. Check out our blog post to learn about the improvements.

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  • Great work! thanks a lot.

    I wanna ask a question since I do not want to miss any feature 🙂

    Progressive Web Application enhancements – NodeBB is now "installable" from mobile devices to your home screen, and should act like an app now
    ** This is one of the starting points to eventually allowing NodeBB to be accessible while offline, just like a native app

    For some time, I was using Safari Bookmark feature to put a direct link (icon) to our forum website on iOS home screen. Is your explanation an improved version of this? (such as screen notifications etc?)

    I know eventually this is the idea, but now I just want to understand what we can do currently, what we cannot. So, we can use the nodebb to the full extent 🙂 Please try not to use a lot of technical terms 🙂 thanks.

  • @crazycells @psychobunny is more well versed with this, but the only real functional difference is that it likely loads a bit faster now (at least, after the first load) because a lot of the pages are cached.

    Before, it would reload the page just like you were visiting in a browser.

    We don't support natively things like notifications yet, but it is a step in the right direction 🙂

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