Integrating ExoBucks with NodeBB

General Discussion
  • Hi everyone,

    We're considering creating a plugin for ExoBucks.

    We have some Javascript code that forum owners copy/paste to any website and it'll automatically pass external links through our URL shortener. We were also thinking of using the API to generate real shortened links at the time any post is made with external links in it - which would obviously need to be a plugin.

    But in terms of just adding our Javascript code, how difficult do forum owners generally find that to be?

    It's just the same as adding Javascript for other services like Google Analytics. Do forum owners tend to be able to do this on their own or is a plugin actually needed to do this?

    Thanks for opinions!

  • @exobucks Best bet is to integrate the js code in your plugin itself, so all admins have to do is enable your plugin and that's that.

    In your plugin you can execute your code in a client-side js file, and read the value of a configured ID from the plugin settings (if needed). You can see how this is done by inspecting how the Google Analytics plugin handles it:

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