Issue connecting to Elasticache Redis

  • Hi, I've set up NodeBB on an ECS and am seeing the installer UI upon reaching the endpoint. However, when I try to input the endpoint for redis that I've set up using AWS Elasticache Redis (with port and password), I'm hitting 504 Gateway Timeout and then after refreshing, I'll seet "Hang On Tight! NodeBB is being installed.

    It just gets stuck there and I have to manually throw an Error after e.g. 60s to automatically restart the instance. Can I know what might be the potential cause that it's timing out?

    Have done numerous loggings and it seems like "meta.configs" might be having an issue because logs stop after it hits e.g. "await meta.configs.setOnEmpty(defaults);" in install.js.

    Am using latest NodeBB-master taken from NodeBB git and running on corporate proxy.

  • ** UPDATE **

    It seems like I'm actually able to connect to Redis but unable to READ/WRITE data to it somehow (I'm guessing this is a READ/WRITE permissions issue).

    Will be glad if anyone can provide your helpful inputs please!

  • NodeBB Admin

    @darylc Did you check the redis logs? Sounds like a configuration issue.

  • @baris it seems like there's no error logs coming. It's just timing out silently after ~1min.

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