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  • The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we view eLearning. With students preparing to go back to school, parents, teachers, and students alike are wondering how this year will shape up.

    I had the opportunity to talk to Don Pezet, CEO of ITProTV, about how they are handling the coronavirus pandemic, and asked him to share his thoughts on eLearning at large.

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    @pramariena What would you like to know? What they've shared is what's in the blog post, but I am happy to answer questions.

    @omega I missed your questions, but it's a quick one. The whole moz project took only a couple months, and most of that was building out their custom theme and some custom functionality. Getting their forum imported into NodeBB was straightforward when using nodebb-plugin-import. We worked with @bentael for that one.

    One tricky bit was getting their URL redirections working. Their topic slugs were not easy to parse since they were at the root level (e.g. /community/q/this-is-the-topic-slug). This meant we had to create a redirect map for every one of their existing topics, and ensure they correctly routed to the new topic ID.

  • What's New in v1.9.0

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    Excited to upgrade my forum to this new version.

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    We're proud to announce that NodeBB has become the first forum software to become GDPR compliant.

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    Ah, I gotcha. I'll add in the onhover reply/quote/upvote buttons in a future release 🙂

    EDIT: actually, instead of onhover, those buttons might look pretty good if they showed up on the right hand side of the post. I'll think of something.