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  • Does anyone know of a moderation plugin/bot(or even a feature built into NodeBB natively) that can automatically remove new posts based on words or links that are most likely spam?

    I know of several subreddits that have this functionality built into them, so it seems like there should be a way to do this within a NodeBB forum.

    For instance, if someone tries to post anything with the word "Lucifer" in the forum (either as a new topic or in response to an existing topic), the post will never even be seen by the public because this bot should automatically remove it.

    Is there such a thing?

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  • Not offhand, but perhaps this is something you'd be interested in sponsoring?

    Reach out to us at [email protected] 🙂

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    Manually install with npm on the command line

    npm install <module name>@<version>
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    Published a new version(2.1.6) of this plugin for NodeBB 3.3.0


    Update acp with the new design Add chat message reactions Ability to toggle reaction support on posts/chats from the ACP Optimized loading of data, tooltips are only created if you mouseover a reaction instead of loading every single user who reacted on page load.
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    Please provide enough details to implement below functionality :

    I want to write one plugin which provides following functionality :
    -Admin can assign user role as MODERATOR to any user, and Only User who have moderator role can approve Topic Creation and Comments/Reply.
    -Any new Topic created by registered/guest user should not be visible on the website till MODERATOR User approved it.
    -MODERATOR User will be able to see all the unapproved topics, reply/comments and approves it.
    -How to implementing email notification functionality for MODERATOR User on New Topic Creation and on Replies/Comments ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    @Tahnil you can poke a group of users when users of a certain group join the server. You can move users of a certain group to a certain channel when they join. You can configure chat commands for stuff. It can be configured to kick, poke, or move someone if they become afk or mute everything. It does a lot.

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    @atrius Works like a charm.

    Edit: not sure if this plugin has something to do with it. But it expirienced some slight hanging while posting reply's to a topic.