• TL:DR I need help integrating nodeBB into an existing WordPress site. Everything is up and working on both ends, but I dont quite understand how to build a menu at the top of the Forum pages with links back to the main site, categories etc.

    This is a new deployment of both Wordpress and nodeBB. I tried a few Wordpress forums and they were not good enough. I used to run a form with about 200 active members on vBulletin and I used the CMS system that came with it and it was fine, but I want to try something new and nodeBB seems like it.

    I am not a developer, but do work in IT as an SRE, so I am familiar with GIT, some Python, etc. The template system seems familiar to me for some reason, but I dont know where I have seen it before, maybe Drupal?

    Anyway, I am hoping to get my Wordpress site and nodeBB to look as similar as possible in terms of look and feel. I figured I would start on the menu.

    Is there a plugin, or some docs on how to build a menu at the top of the page?

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