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    i have a little Change, that will also leave User when NOT in ldap group:

    groupJoin: (ldapGroup, ldapId, uid, callback) => { winston.verbose("[LDAP] groupJoin " + + " for user " + ldapId + " uid " + uid) nodebb_ldap.createGroup(ldapGroup, (err, groupId) => { if (err) { return callback(err); } let members = ldapGroup.uniqueMember; if (!Array.isArray(members)) { members = [members]; } winston.verbose("[LDAP] groupJoin members " + members && typeof members) let found = false if (members) { members.forEach(member => { if (member && member.indexOf(ldapId) != -1) { found = true } }); } if (found) { const groupsToJoin = [groupId]; if ((master_config.admin_groups || '').split(',').includes( { winston.verbose("[LDAP] joins admin group") groupsToJoin.push('administrators'); } if ((master_config.moderator_groups || '').split(',').includes( { groupsToJoin.push('Global Moderators'); } return groups.join(groupsToJoin, uid, callback); } else { const groupsToUnJoin = [groupId]; winston.verbose("[LDAP] unjoins group" + + " uid " + uid); return groups.leave(groupsToUnJoin, uid, callback); //callback(); } } ); },

    thats realy cool for use 🙂 maybe someone else will help it 🙂

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    I think I managed to find the solution to your issue @gorgiselkov
    I'm guessing you're using IIS but if not it might help as well.

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    @Origami-Bird said in Problem with Emailer (Mailgun) Plugin:

    I activated this


    but no mail is sent, neither to the registration (I tried with a new account) nor to the accounts already present at the time of activation of the option.

    Nothing either in my logs on Mailgun. Only the test mails are sent, but that's not really what I was considering...

    Hello, our problem is still not solved.

    Settings in ACP :


    Tried port 25 and not better. I confirm that test mails work normally but no real mail send (password reset, account validation...)

    Someone to help us please? This is our last problem preventing us from launching our Forum on https.

    Thanks (and still sorry for approximate translate french to english) !

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    What is the difference between nodebb-plugin-markdown-ext and nodebb-plugin-markdown?

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    Is this still working fine with node bb latest version?