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  • Hi there,

    Me again asking,
    What is stange is that, in chrome i can see the blue button called "New Topic" however in the Firefox, it is missing, any ideea why? first i was thinking is my computer, then i asked a friend to check it, and he did it, and the same for him, any sugestions?

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    @cosmin Firefox showing the button here for me... could it be browser cache?

  • @julian nop, the same for all.

  • Admin

    Does this happen on this site as well?

  • Nop, this is my problem, i switched themes, i try and try and no results, somehow on my server got the New Post button hiden, on the firefox, on the chrome is fine, the problem to reinstall now, is that i will lose all my work i had done in the last 2 days, posts and etc...., first i was thinking is my browser, then i let other persons to test, they had the same results, but i will see how can i backup the database and reinstall it.

  • Admin

    @cosmin It sounds like your NodeBB core is utilising themes that are out of date.

    Please run the following commands (and make sure they all complete successfully!):

    $ ./nodebb stop
    $ git fetch origin
    $ git checkout v0.4.x
    $ git merge origin/v0.4.x
    $ npm unlink nodebb-theme-vanilla nodebb-theme-lavender
    $ npm i    # this should re-install vanilla and lavender at the appropriate versioning
    $ ./nodebb start

    For reference, this is how you get the versions of lavender and vanilla (and their correct values for v0.4.3):

    julian@margaery:~/Projects/nodebb/forum$ npm ls nodebb-theme-vanilla nodebb-theme-lavender
    nodebb@0.4.3 /home/julian/Projects/nodebb/forum
    ├── nodebb-theme-lavender@0.0.25-16 
    └── nodebb-theme-vanilla@0.0.19-53 

  • @julian to late, i reinstalled it, so now i started all over 🙂 thanks for help.

  • Admin

    @cosmin Hehe no problem -- glad you got it working again!

  • @julian lost all data 😞 but all working fine now.


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