• Hi guys, I am doing some experiments with NodeBB and I'd like to load files to nodeBB, using API, not ACP.
    Right now I am using route /api/admin/upload/file and it works good, but only for the Admin user. Are there any other endpoints or methods to upload files for any registered and logged in user, not only for admin.

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    @Roman-Kulik I come from the "ops" side of DevOps and do not know but it sure seems like there would be? Been a couple days though and none of the big kahuna devs have weighed in on this so... maybe not. 🤔

    Sorry that's the best I've got but I didn't want you to feel like you are being ignored: I simply do not know.

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    Checking logs after an image upload: /api/post/upload might be the droid yer' looking for?

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