Update to 0.4.3 - crashing nodebb

  • Just took the plunge at upgrading my nodebb 0.4.2 install to 0.4.3. I am running mongo. I've refreshed my local cache as well.

    Here are the errors that I get in (nodebb dev) when:

    Clicking on a user: http://prntscr.com/3jc6ya

    Clicking on a thread: http://prntscr.com/3jc7ch

    nodebb crashes, produces those errors in console then restarts itself and seems ok until i click again.

    I've disabled all plugins, same result.

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    @nexed -- This is v0.4.3, not master? It looks like a privilege error, which is weird as that wasn't introduced until after 0.4.3.

  • @julian I must have messed up something during the pull; either way I did a install from scratch using the same database. I followed the guide on the wiki (set the rev to 0.4.3 and pull) But, there is now likely an issue in the database as well. Everything initially seemed fine on the new install, but when I went to add custom css, the page does not save any changes.

    Also, whats even more odd is that my custom css is still present from the previous install.

    cleared my cache, tried different machines still same result. I don't think I can recover from this without redoing everything from scratch. There are no errors appearing...

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    @nexed Can you reset all of your plugins for now and see if that helps? ./nodebb reset plugins

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