What is the correct way to use Grunt?

Technical Support
  • Hi,I'm new to nodeBB and I was trying to develop on Intellij.
    I simply add Configuration for Grunt using the default Grunt.js in the nodeBB folder.
    But I noticed something was different between running Grunt and running "nodebb --dev start".
    I wrote an empty plugin using "nodebb-plugin-quickstart". It works normal on "nodebb-dev-start".
    But,when I use Grunt to run it,it says "warn: [upgrade/appendPluginScripts] Unable to read plugin.json for plugin nodebb-plugin-fr-exam. Skipping." And all the sudden,the empty plugin I modified doesn't work anymore.No settings on ACP , no consoles on pages(I modified from nodebb-plugin-quickstart).
    What exactly did I do wrong?
    I'm pretty sure the dev group is using Grunt since the building process is annoying.There's no reason I can't use Grunt ,right?Please help.

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