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  • Hi.

    Is there a good way to get notifications for new nodebb releases?

    I used to watch releases on github, but that s causing a lot of false notifications nowadays.

    Use case: be notified when a new release is available, so I can read the release notes and prepare an upgrade of my production system(s).

  • Oh, hi! Are you asking because we've started cutting pre-releases? 😛

    The pre-releases are marked in such a way that it should be easy (well, easier to distinguish)... they have an orange label in GitHub, and they always have a dash in the version number.

    For example, while v1.13.4 is not out yet, v1.13.4-0, v1.13.4-1, v1.13.4-2, and v1.13.4-3 are, but they are all pre-releases and can be ignored.

    If you're being notified via email from GitHub, it will also contain the word "Pre-release" in the title, and so you can ignore it: [NodeBB/NodeBB] Pre-release v1.13.4-3 - v1.13.4-3

    Hope that helps!

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