Checking in with the NodeBB Crew - Social Distancing Edition

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  • Happy Good Friday! The NodeBB offices are closed today, but I thought it'd be nice to show us that we all have lives outside of our work, even though we can't really go out and do anything right now. Shall we make this a regular thing? We'll see.

    Stay safe, everybody, and keep practicing social distancing!

    As of this blog post's writing (10th April 2020), many municipalities and regions in Ontario (and Ontario itself) have declared a state of emergency. While the country itself has not taken that final step towards declaring a national emergency, there are many recommendations to stay home, to only head out for essential trips such as grocery shopping (and even then, only once a week), and to practice appropriate social distancing, by remaining 2 meters (or 6 feet) away from others at all times.

    While we normally all go into the office a couple times a week, and have one weekly in-office day for all employees, this has been suspended for the time being, in order to keep our staff healthy and to minimize exposure through use of public transit, etc.

    So what are we up to while we're essentially isolating ourselves from the public?

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