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  • Hey there, I am currently trying to develop a nodebb forum for a community, and I am trying to get as much functionality as possible from the previous forum software we were using unto this one. With that in mind, I am stuck on a few issues that I could very much so use assistance with.

    First I was wondering if the system logs moderator and admin actions somewhere? We have a fair amount of moderators that can handle and deal with problematic users when they appear, however it is essential that their actions towards these users be logged in someway in case we need to review it. Is there some place that it is logged? or is there a plugin that provides that type of functionality?

    My next issue is trying to get userinfo from mongo-db loaded into the userdata hash. I have a steam login plugin that pulls their steamID and steam profiles, and stores it in the user data in the database, the plugin I forked and edited to get the plugin working has some kind of theme API to use, however we were not able to get the info unto the user profiles to display their own steam info. Since our community is based around steam, its highly important I can get this functionality working.

    Here is a question I asked the developer of the theme we are using:

    This is my fork of the steam-sso plugin:

    here is the issue/instruction I used to get the steam-sso plugin working as a login:

    I will also add that I am not a coder at all, so I am most likely going to relay this with my more knowledgeable team, I appreciate any and all help that I can get.

  • Bumping as I still need assistance with this. any help anyone can provide would be highly appreciated.

  • From the ACP, you can look at Advanced/Events, which contains an audit log of moderator/administrative actions.

    What exactly are you trying to get loaded from Steam? If you log in via their OAuth2 endpoint, you should retrieve some data from steam which you can then save into the user hash. Is that the step you're stuck on?

  • @julian

    Yeah, I've been unable to figure out how to load the info into the user hash.

    { "steam-sso:steamid" : "76561198394958599", "steam-sso:profile" : "" }

    This is currently how it is stored in the database within the user information from scouring the mongodb. ( I removed the rest of the userdata in that which is why its showing just the steam information)

  • Still could use assistance if anyone can offer. The new forums we are developing using nodebb is delayed until the next release, but if someone cant point me in the right direction I would highly appreciate it.

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    @faizanzahid Honestly, we've never tried it. If you enable it, let us know what happens 😬

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    @cool You can just check req.uid, if it is true then the user is logged in.

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    @ChrisKey the next main version will fix that big where CSS minification doesn't obey the development environmental variable.

    You can't set it in the config file. What is your use case? Maybe an npm script or something would work.

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    @trevor I think they recently implemented that when a user is deleted/banned, that their socket get closed. Or words to that effect. Don't quote me on that though.

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    I run NodeBB on a CentOS server, which is a Hyper-V virtual machine. And I pass requests via a IIS server with ARR. I'm sure it works fine with websocket.

    It works OK when I have few members. But, when I put it online, I get something strange: members on my site sometimes logged in as others.

    Let me describe it more clearly : my username is oott123 as you can see, but after I visit some pages, or logged in after some while, I can see someone else 's avatar displayed on the top right corner. If I post a topic , the author will be he, not me. All of my operations seems operated by others.

    My code is here:

    I want to get the CIVITAS-Authentication cookie which has been setted by other applications without error; then send it to my API server to get email identified by CIVITAS-Authentication; then logged the user in.

    I think the problem is caused by the code around line 86 or 143. I even thinked about it's caused by async or node.js event loop, orz.

    There's some Chinese character in the comments, but you can ignore it.

    Thanks a lot for help me , and sorry for my poor English again.


    @a_5mith So do you still remember me at Topic 2593 ? I just really love NodeBB, so I hope there's some way to help me troubleshot it . 🙂