"Unread" section to contain all unread posts

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  • Good day, all.

    I'm a user of some forum which uses NodeBB.

    Is it possible (for the admins) to configure the forum so that the Unread section (a relative example here would be https://community.nodebb.org/unread) shows to the logged in user all posts and threads (topics) which were not read by this user?

    I have already consulted my Settings, but I can't see a setting for this.

    Currently there is only quite short range of posts shown in the Unread section. In this forum: only 26, while there are probably hundrends in fact.

    In "my" forum, after I read them, the sections displays:

    There are no unread topics.

    while in fact there are tens of them (in the last months I was visiting the Forum quite rarely).

    Now I'm trying to catch up, but Unread section quickly turned empty.

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