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    @jtsimoes tons of plugin ideas 😯. Unfortonately I don't have the time to create them at the moment.

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    Thanks, the compose form is helpful. I'm surprised that I can't pre-populate any of the fields though. title and category specifically. Maybe there is a plugin that enables this?

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    You mean add tags after the fact? Only a mod or the OP can edit a topic and add them.

    Tags are not available for posts but I really, really, wish they were.

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    @julian @baris @psychobunny

    A user in our forum reported the below feedback to me, and I agreed that this is really ugly and hurt user experience:

    I just viewed a topic without being logged in and I saw a post I deleted still showing up, with the body "This post is deleted!". I think that's rather ugly and that deleted posts should only be visible to the author and admins.

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    I'm a huge fan of two-factor authentication, and it's one of those ideas that's been banging 'round my head for the past little while. It's a neat idea and works well in practice because people have always got their phones on them.

    SMS 2-factor auth still has one annoying barrier, and that is relying on cell phone networks to deliver the token. I hate that.

    I much prefer HOTP (or even better, TOTP), where all I have to do is register the secret once on my phone, and I can use it to derive the token anywhere, even in places where I don't have signal (which annoyingly, happens a lot).