Is there a way to get the markdown content rather than HTML content in posts via API?

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    @jsmith I think you should remove "login" privileges from all users except the admin. just viewing privilege stays on...

    if you need a more customized solution, you can remove "posting" privileges as well...

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    @Yehonatan-Albert That would only work if the upload was completed via NodeBB as there will not be any reference point in the DB for it otherwise 🙂

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    I'm running an educational forum (, and, in the first place, I would like to change the names of particular elements. For example, instead of "topic" or "post", I would like to name it "task", "assignment", "answer" or anything like this. More importantly, there is an issue connected to one of the plugins and some part of HTML can be seen in notifications (screen below).
    The plugin which is responsible for that error is called nodebb-plugin-question-and-answer-pl (all the plugins don't work except the Chinese one, that's why I would also like to access HTML and try changing it).

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    Hmm I don't think we expose isAdmin and isModerator globally to the templates so that you can them everywhere. Maybe we should, everything in the config object is exposed so if you open your console and type config any variable you see under that object you can use in the templates. You can also take a look at the routes by prepending api to the url like you can use stuff from there in the template as well.

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    Two things:

    If you want it to count, it has to be visible. So no hiding the user list with a display: none; or behind a javascript tooltip (since that won't get called at all). If you show it for non-js, and hide it with js, chances are Google might detect and penalise, so even worse 😛 Would this introduce too much clutter to the UI?