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    I've had nodebb setup for a bit now and through some bumps and scrapes have always kept it running. After upgrading to V1.13.0 NodeBB would fail to load with a "Internal Server Error". After updating to 1.13.1 the website once again loads, however when trying to view any topics in the forums it times out loading. I've reviewed every possible plugin that could potentially be in the way and disabled several without success. I'm not seeing anything in the logs so may be looking in the wrong place. Everything is fully functional to posting new topics, viewing recent ones, discarding, deleting, purging, and the admin console. The only issue comes when its time to actually open a topic fully. The RSS Feeds properly display all the recent topics and content as well.

    My server is running MongoDB and proxied via nginx behind LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate, and can be seen at however does require a login, there is a single public post informing Guests that a login is required where you can see the issue.

    Any help on where to look for this and assistance in resolving would be appreciated.

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