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    I have installed NodeBB recently on my Windows 2012 Server running it on IIS 8 with reverse proxy.

    It all seemed to be working well until some point when it broke. Now when I am logged in as any user, when I click on whatever link on the forum or navigation icon, it starts loading and in 3/4 it stops and hangs there. Meanwhile I can see these errors in the console log
    I am not sure what is it related to as I haven't done many changes after starting and what I have done I tried to revert (search and color plugin installs).
    All the links and navigation works just fine when I am not logged in as an user.

    I have tried to reboot the server same as nodebb.

    Any ideas? Your help would be much appreciated!

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    @kratos97 Just FYI, we can't see the errors you mentioned in your post. Perhaps it wasn't attached?

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