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  • Hello !

    I added KaTeX (for mathematical formula) with a plugin to parse many things on my nodebb forum (posts content, topics title, shoutbox messages...). It runs, as necessary, before any markdown conversion (using action:markdown.updateParserRules to update parser to use MarkdownItTexmath).

    I have a problem to implement this also for the "About me" part in profile. It is not parsed like posts etc.

    I tried to use the "filter:parse.aboutme" hook but it's not working. Here is the reason : my parse function converts LaTeX formulas into an html specific code and it must do it before the markdown filter:parse.aboutme call. But, when this last one runs, it breaks all. For example, <span> is changed into &lt;/span&gt;...

    Is there a way to parse the aboutme content before markdown and without losing the html code ?

  • Well, I found a solution using utils.decodeHTMLEntities for chars between dollars tags of KaTeX, before the markdown conversion. 🙂

    I hope it's not too much insecure...

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