Is there a way to have a sub-forum blocked from search?

  • We have several posts in a NodeBB I belong to that we would like to keep (call it the History Channel) but not include in search. Since I don't have admin rights I cannot peruse the settings to see what our particular setup is capable of. I'd like to be able to present a solution to this. Right now the threads are archived (invisible).


  • NodeBB Admin

    Hi @Keith-Barrows, the db search plugin has a feature that lets you exclude categories from search.


    Also deleted topics/posts shouldn't show up on search as well.

  • @baris -
    So, If I had a structure like:

    • Library
    • Poems
    • School
      • Science
      • Art
      • History Channel --> exclude from search, make read only
    • Labs

    The admin could then select the category (is that another word for forum?) and exclude it? Just want to make sure I am following the terminology.


  • NodeBB Admin

    That's correct, a category === forum in NodeBB. If you exclude History Channel, posts from that category(forum) won't show up in search results.

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