Problem with shoutbox plugin after 1.12.2 -> 1.13.0 nodebb upgrade

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    Hello !

    I have a shoutbox plugin like this one :

    It worked well on nodebb v1.12.2 but it fails on nodebb v1.13.0. There is no message on server logs but I see this in console on client :

    TypeError: Shoutbox.actions is undefined   nodebb.min.js:26976:4
    TypeError: Shoutbox.base is undefined     nodebb.min.js:26976:4

    Do you have an idea of what have changed on nodebb that gives this problem after its upgrade ? It seems that somme javascript code is not loaded on client now (?).

    Thanks for help !

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    Remark :

    unloaded things are in public/js/lib/ of this plugin which is declared in plugin.json as

    "scripts": [

    Is it this thing that should be changed on nodebb 1.13.0 ? We must declare all js scripts explicitly and not only their folder ?

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    Well... js scripts are loaded when I put all their filenames in plugin.json like this :

      "scripts": [

    It doesn't work like on nodebb v1.12.2 when it was only necessary to put the folder path (like on my previous message).

    I don't know if it's intentional from nodebb developers or if it's a problem with a different origin... Mystery... ???

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    @alfazaz Did you try with the original Is it also failing?

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    @fais3000 I didn't tried this version which was behind for many commits I wanted from the cabane-Libre version. I made also own changes...

    It works now like I said : it's necessary to change "scripts" configuration with each filenames (it doesn't work since nodebb v1.13.0 with dirname).

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    @fais3000 I have this issue with the original on version v1.13.3. (Shoutbox.base is undefined)

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