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  • Hi!

    I just upgraded a nodebb instance from a version I downloaded from git at the first of March to version 0.4.2. It's running on Windows using Mongo. After the update the first category (id 1) disappeared. It's still around somehow, the category is fully working if I manually enter the link to it or click a link in the user post lists, but it just disappeared on the start page and in the category configuration panels - just doesn't show up, neither in the Active nor in the Disabled list.

  • Check out the route /debug/cid/1 that should show the category data. You can also take a look at the database db.objects.findOne({_key: 'category:1'});

  • Did it! Every category has a correpsonding _key:categories:cid document, that just has two values, which both are just it's id. Anyway, the categories:cid for the first category was missing, for whatever reason. Manually added that and there it is.

  • But btw /debug/cid/1 just gives me a 404. Can I enable some kind of debug mode somewhere? Didn't find anything about it.

  • Yeah you need to start it with ./nodebb dev.

  • That should prove helpful, thanks!

  • Hi, sorry to dig up an older post.

    I'm having this same problem after upgrading from 0.6.0 to 0.6.1. The categories are still there if I view profiles and see the account's recent posts or if I click on the "Forum" link, but when I first load up the page or use the $home link at the top-left nav bar, the categories don't show.

    The upgrade was a bit bumpy with 3 conflicts that were resolved with a "git reset --hard $hash" and an out of date schema with "./nodebb upgrade".

    I started it in ./nodebb dev mode and went to the $base_url/debug/cid/1 in my browser and see the json attributes of the category, but don't know where to go from here.

  • @strangebeer Sounds like you're using the custom homepage plugin... does disabling that help?

  • @julian Ahh, yes! I deactivated it and magic!

    Pro-tip to future self: Don't "install all the things" when you first deploy something new. Thanks, Julian.

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