Password will not save between user side and admin area.

Technical Support
  • I am using Heroku to host a nodeBB instance. When using the heroku supplied subdomain (and setting it in the config.json), everything works fine. I can log in as admin account, use admin GUI, and everything works well.

    When I set up custom domain (.me tld if that matters), configure it in Heroku, config.json, and DNS, I can get to the site, log in, but when I try to go to the admin area, it asks me to sign in. Once I sign in, it brings me back to the homepage (not admin GUI).

    I am using cloudflare for DNS and have tried with no plugins, vanilla install. I am using redis. I have tried both proxying through cloudflare "orange cloud" and not proxying "grey cloud" record.

    Any ideas?

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