Reverse post order for a single thread (newsletter)

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  • Hello,

    I have a thread where monthly project news are posted. The idea is to have the newest post on the top to avoid that users have to scroll over the old news. I know that is kind of opposite of what we do in a forum, but that is a special case 😉

    Is there a plugin or something to allow a reversed post order for a single thread ?


  • I don't think there is one but you can write a plugin using the hook This hook gets called before the actual topic route handler.

    In your plugin you can just do this:

    myPlugin.filterRouterPage = function (req, res, next) {
    	const myAnnouncementTopicId = 111;
    	if (req.params && req.params.topic_id && parseInt(req.params.topic_id, 10) === myAnnouncementTopicId) {
    		req.query.sort = 'newest_to_oldest';

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    @baris oh, I was mixing up min title length with post length, it was set to 0. Thanks @baris

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    I don't think so, unfortunately -- you'll have to make the initial call to get the topic, and then subsequent calls to grab the raw markdown. I don't think we'll be adding a way to retrieve the raw markdown at the topic level because we wouldn't have any use for it.

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    @baris it works 🙂

    thanks for quick reply 🙂

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    well. thx so much for all reply, the nginx .conf works for me. and i found you should put before the port 80. so it would look like

    server {

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    That's a very good write up Steve, you should be in marketing if your not already 😮

    LOL I have been for 15+ years now. Mostly corporate/tech companies helping roll out products/services/promotions. Always liked getting involved with the design so I learned photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc. along the way. Now i'm working out of my house freelancing.

    oh cool haha. meanwhile all three of us are out-and-out programmers with no idea on how to market anything 😛

    Been down that road before. Just like programming, marketing is a process. When you guys get to that point of wanting help the 4 of us can all jump on a call and see where it goes.