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  • Hello

    It seems you can currently get notifications for:

    • someone you follow posts a new topic
    • someone replies to a watched topic

    ..but no option for a notification on a new topic (in a watched category).

    Like many forums we have an announcement forum. Our users probably won't be checking the board very often, but would like the option of an e-mail when a new announcement topic is posted.

    I've tried the nodebb-plugin-category-notifications which adds it's own "subscribe" option to categories. The main problem with this is it also sends an e-mail for any replies to topics too, which users don't want (they want to know new topics, but not have an inbox full of everyone's replies to it).

    Can a "new topic in watched category" notification be added to the core notification system? It'll be less confusing for users (needing to use a separate "subscribe" button from the plugin) and better integrated (they can choose if they want a notification or e-mail, rather than the admin deciding for them via the plugin) and uses the existing "watched" method.

    I'd hope new topics alerts would be a fairly popular addition?


  • I think it makes sense, although on a default nodebb install all categories are considered watched for all users so this new notification type would have to be set to None instead of Email and/or Notification or everyone would receive notifications for all new topics. Another option is to change the default for categories from watching to not watching.

    Can you open an issue here

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