How to make calls to web sockets?

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  • Hi there,

    I have a nodeBB instance running and want to load test it. I understand that nodeBB has /api/ calls for every page request. I want to profile the categories page. When I hit /api/categories page on localhost it runs as expected and returns all categories' data but when I hit the same endpoint on deployed instance, it returns very limited data

    {"loggedIn":true,"relative_path":"","template":{"name":"categories","categories":true},"url":"/categories","bodyClass":"page-categories page-status-200","widgets":{}}

    After looking in networks tab, I understand that it's using web sockets to get categories data. Is there someway or API that I can use to get all categories JSON data? or if somehow I could make calls to websockets myself?

    I am using nodeBB version 1.10.2.

  • /api/categories doesn't load the data via sockets, you can check it on this forum, just check the network tab and you should see the loaded categories.

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