[Session-Sharing] Connected User is the same for all...

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    I have a strange behavior when i use nodebb with session-sharing plugin.

    When a user which is new is created and connected and when I try to connect in another session inside nodebb i'm connected too with this user and all other users are connected with this new user...

    My token is in the same domain "test.fr" and the id which is unique is set to "forumId" in the configuration of the plugin.

    If a user try to disconnected all other session are disconnected and we perform this message :

    I don't know why is this happened.

    @julianlam any idea ?


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    edit :
    if a user is alone in the forum he is connected but when another user access to the forum he is connected with the first user.
    The token is however always different....

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    Hi, I am having the same issue did you find any solution ?

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