What web technologies to use for a big site?

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    What would be the best choice to build a huge website upon? Should I use a framework or build a completely custom platform?

    I'm planning to build a very complex learning management site where main functionalities would be: videos, audios, quizzes, chats, payments, messaging, users can interact with each other.

    One of the development companies I contacted said they would use WordPress for this, but I'm not so sure it's a good idea.

    The website will have a large user base (millions) very quickly and I expect it to be very busy. I'm not sure WordPress can handle such a big traffic and user activity.

    So what kind of technologies or framework would you recommend?


  • GNU/Linux

    WordPress itself can handle lots of traffic if scaled correctly. However, if you're looking to do lots of custom features that don't have WordPress plugins for and require custom work, then you're probably better off with a custom product.

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