[nodebb-plugin-emailer-gmail-oauth2] An Oauth2 provider for Gmail so you can send mail from secondary/alias domains on your GSuite account

  • Hey there,
    I created this plugin because I have several domains added to my GSuite account and with the current gmail provider you could only send email out through the address in which your login was, not from other domains you might have as aliases which you send and receive from in your inbox. This plugin allowed me to send out emails from other domains!

    It is my first go at making a plugin, but I have been using it for 2 weeks or so without any issues. I wanted to make sure things were good first before I posted anything about it. If anyone finds anything wrong with it, definitely do let me know. I am not new to programming exactly, but I had not used NodeJS before so I had to learn it as I went along, so if anyone requests any major changes or anything, it might take me a few minutes to figure out how to do it, lol.



  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Good work! Glad you were able to get unblocked earlier 😁

  • Thanks. : D But... wait, I was blocked??

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Not blocked in that sense, but in the programming sense... that is, you were stuck on something and you then became unblocked 😄

  • Ah, I got ya, lol. Yeah, it all came together. 👍

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