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  • So I'm creating a plugin to use a hidden category (named "Help") to store an FAQ. Basically any admin can add a topic to the category and the first post will be the content.

    So my custom route /help gets all topics passed to the template but I just get the post content unformatted. So no new lines, no image tags etc. I believe it's Markdown. So how do I get the content with formatting?

    This is what I'm using right now:

    Controllers.renderHelpPage = (req, res) => {
    	let fetchedTopics;
    	let fetchedPosts;
    		(next) => {
    			categories.getAllCategories(req.uid, next);
    		(_categories, next) => {
    			const helpCategory = _categories.find(category => category.name === 'Help');
    				cid: helpCategory.cid,
    				set: 'cid:' + helpCategory.cid + ':tids',
    				reverse: false,
    				start: 0,
    				stop: 100,
    				uid: req.uid,
    			}, next);
    		(_helpCategory, next) => {
    			const tids = _helpCategory.topics.map(topic => topic.tid);
    			topics.getTopics(tids, req.uid, next);
    		(_topics, next) => {
    			fetchedTopics = _topics;
    			const pids = _topics.map(topic => topic.mainPid);
    			posts.getPostsData(pids, next);
    		(_posts) => {
    			fetchedPosts = _posts;
    			const data = fetchedTopics.map(topic => ({
    				title: topic.title,
    				content: fetchedPosts.find(post => post.tid === topic.tid).content,
    			res.render('help', {
    				items: data,


  • Turned out I was fetching the post data wrong. I was using getPostData when i should've been using getPostsByPids.

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