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  • Spam protection plugin

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    I've had great luck with Spam Be Gone and Captcha's with keeping spammers out of my old site running on SMF. The initial problem though was weeding out all of the spammers that had signed up before I implemented it. I probably manually deleted 2000+ accounts. After that was taken care of, I never found a need to look at individual posts automatically. The ones that slipped through were flagged by users or a moderator deleted it and the associated account.

    The Spam Be Gone plugin prevented over 130,000 spammers from creating accounts in the 4+ years that I used it. It was very effective. I did try Akismet for awhile, but got sick of paying for it. I didn't notice any reduced functionality when I got rid of it.

    I would try Spam Be Gone, use Google's v3 captcha ("I'm not a robot." checkbox), and then make some of your trusted active users into moderators with the ability to delete posts/topics/accounts.

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    @Kinchtwck Full text search is easiest with Latin characters only. Adding Unicode is good but gets much more complicated... I do believe Solr supports Chinese characters and can be installed on the same server as the forum...?

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    Dear Nodearati

    Bulk registration
    Can anyone recommend a plugin that allows me to bulk load bb members and optionally register them into a group?

    Alternatively if I was to write a specification is there anyone who would be interested in developing such an plugin using Write-API as the basis.

    Thanks in advance

  • Some problem with plugins

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    If you are using nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended then there is a 'dirty' fix for that.
    Navigate to your Emoji plugin folder and open index.js.
    Example path: /home/nodebb/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended/index.js.

    Once you've opened the file, find a part where it states emojiPath="".
    Set this to something like this emojiPath=""

    Of course, this will only work if you are running NodeBB with nginx or Apache proxy.

  • Plugin Help

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    Hi NodeBB team,

    I'm learning JS by writing what seemed to me a simple plugin. Knowing nothing of this matter I'm struggling a little with this all dispached structure.

    I've succeed to make basic routes so far. I'm working now on the template of the admin page.

    I have added these

    <!-- IF emailerInstalled --> <!-- ELSE --> <!-- ENDIF emailerInstalled -->

    but doesn't seem to be recognized, always getting the false condition.

    Could someone point me the right direction?

    I wonder also if adding a "post" route is the right way to get the form back? I've seen this from imgur plugin.