People don't like the tiled front page?

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  • I've seen a few threads like this, where someone asks "What do you think of this new exciting NodeBB thing??" and everyone responds "I hate it because the tiles look bad/nonfunctional/etc".

    Well...they may have somewhat of a point. Whenever I go to this forum, I avoid the homepage and just go straight to new posts. The homepage is sort of a barrier, and makes NodeBB look less innovative than it is. Am I just being a party pooper? The folks at Discourse had the same opinion (thought that the tiles looked like pinterest and not so useable compared to just a list of topics). And I've seen the same opinion on a few other sites, like this one says "So much clutter" but also "The guys making it are young, talented, hungry and listen to what the community says".

    So who likes the tiles, who doesn't, and who prefers to be able to choose tiles or no tiles? I personally prefer to navigate down a topic list or by tags or search, rather than category boxes -- the latter takes more effort.

  • I've gotten use to it. It isn't actually that bad. With that said, I believe it would be pretty easy to make a theme that doesn't use that style. I was planning to look into it later this weekend with everything else I am doing and release it sometime next week as nodebb-theme-classic. That doesn't mean I actually will, since I tend to get pretty lazy over weekends. But I will try, and if it is easy you may just get something more classic styles.

  • I'm not sure if I'd prefer it if I could list the last 5-10 topics rather than the last 5 posts, as each post can come from a different topic, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Apart from that, front page is what you make it.

  • Is there an easy way to skip the tiled page and go straight to the topic listing as a front page? I'm planning on having just one category ("questions"). If tags come out, then tags will be how questions from different subject areas will be identified. Or if I learn how to make a tag plugin maybe.

  • @Kamal-Patel Should be able to use this, then just add your category on the homepage, along with whatever else you need.

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