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    Hello there ! Hope someone can help me with this question (and that this topic is in the appropriate category).
    I'm trying to figure out how to resize the avatars as they are displayed next to the users' replies. What I'd like to get, ideally, is something like this :
    (instead of this).

    I'm using the Persona theme at the moment, but I'm a beginner with Nodebb (love it so far), so i kinda hope it's a simple thing to do like a plugin to install or something to toggle in the ACP...
    But any help is appreciated !

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    @April Send me a link to the forum on PW I will help you

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    @youhosi Thank you for your reply ! Our nodebb forum isn't up and running at the moment (still on port 4567), but i'll get back to you when the main features are set up. I wasn't expecting such quick responses tbh, but i'm really glad to see that people can help us !
    (I also have to add that my co-administrator is the one who actually owns the forum, but since we're French and he doesn't speak English, i'm only a go-between !).

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    @April Je parle français (je suis française) et j'ai fait ça sur mon forum si tu veux !

    Here's a screen
    (Capture d’écran 2019-04-10 à 11.20.34.png image url)

    Translate :I'm french and I'm proposing to help him in french because i've do that on my own forum

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