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    I'm trying to understand the numbers presented on the dashboard!

    If we take a look at the right hand side:

    Picture 1: 6a4abe92-40e0-4928-ab25-6cc0b9ccb9ae-image.png

    7 active users are presented, but comparing it to the online list:
    Picture 2:

    Now comparing these numbers to the graph:

    Picture 3:

    It says 4 unique visitors!

    Now lets take at the graph presented since we started the forum (15th of jan)
    Pciture 4:


    • How come the three first pictures don't show the same numbers? What do they actually show?
    • In picture 4, the number of unique visitors seem to be accumulated over time, how come? every weekend seem to correspond to a higher number of unique visitors!
    • In picture 4, the max number of unique visitors seem to be 130, but we have only 81 users. How come? Does anonymous viewers also count? we've turned off vieweing for non-logged in users.

    Thanks in advance!

  • NodeBB

    The active users panel in the ACP dashboard shows number of socket connections it is not the same data as /users?section=online

    /users?section=online shows users who have performed and action in the past 30minutes(can be configured in the ACP).

    The unique visitors graph shows the number of unique IPs that have visited your site per hour. It would go up whenever a new IP hits your site even if they don't have read access to any categories.

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