How do I manually re-send the digest?

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    How do I reset the cron job to run, temporarily at a different time?

    My server crashed during? Just before? The digest went out so zero digests were sent. I'm so frustrated. 😬 See below.

    I think NodeBB is great but I'm also super frustrated by the lack of reliability of the weekly digest to perform on a set of uses as high as 12,000.

    There have been 20 Sundays since I moved to NodeBB and the digest has worked 7 times. Most of those are in the last 6 weeks. It honestly is getting me to look at Discourse to understand how their digest works and if it is reliable and considering the switch after only 5 months on NodeBB. Not exactly a success story.

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    I tried to change the digest hour in the ACP to +1 hour and bounced the server. Nothing seems to be happening. Thoughts?

    The same digest hour is used for daily, weekly, and monthly, correct?

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    Setting it to more than 2 hours after the original time seemed to work.

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