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NodeBB Development
  • As mentioned on TAZ, I an rather interested in this platform, but have yet to learn languages. What languages are needed, what is helpful, etc? I'd love to learn to develop the platform, plugins or themes(HTML,CSS I assume.)

  • Hey Shawn,

    NodeBB is developed using Node JS so javascript is a must. For styling we use less which compiles down to css. You can check our github page for more info and the source code :

  • @shawn-michael-hartwell all of our technical guides on the wiki are pretty much geared towards seasoned coders who know what they're doing.

    I'd very much like to create a series of wiki articles on basic coding w/ NodeBB - simple stuff like modifying a layout or adding a new field to the user's page, etc.

    I think that if you're really serious about this, you might be able to help us by posting what you've learnt as you go along. Will definitely be happy to help as you make your way there:) Either way, good luck!

  • Thank you for the support. Currently running through CodeAcademy's JS series. Few other languages I want to learn, but I've decided to prioritize for NodeBB.

    I hope to be a decent coder within a year. I'm amazed at the innovation of NodeBB and want to become involved. This might just have been the push I needed to begin learning.

    Also, in the event I wish to install a NodeBB forum, how would I go about that? What hosts(free!) support node,redis and the other requirments? I've a forum project that would require less attention then my main prpject, and I'd be proud to run NodeBB software.

  • Heroku allows developers to run small instances for free (even their redis add-on is free), but if your site becomes popular, you will have to pay.

    We have a guide to setting up NodeBB on Heroku in our wiki.

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