• Hi, can anyone point me to a reference for server performance?

    Right now my Ubuntu server is 2GB Ram with 1 Core seems to be very fast, but I only have 15 or so users testing so far, when I make the switch from the old forum, there will be 900+ users

    Any idea what kind of Memory and CPU usage 900 users would cause?


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @dcook depends on pageviews. How many do you get a month? We ran this forum on similar hardware for ages, and we probably still could.

  • Its hard to say about monthly pageviews, I don't have any metrics from the old server.
    I guess the limiting factor with nodeBB would be concurrent connections?

  • Use https://loader.io to push your forum. Start with low traffic, than increase till you see errors, that's your server limit. I cheap VPS I had could serve around 1 million pageviews per month before it showed issues.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Pummelchen Those are great metrics! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Our standard is 500k views per month, but it is a very conservative limit. Also keep in mind depending on forum usage, there would be fewer actual page loads, and more relatively lightweight calls to /api, so in theory, you could handle even more traffic.

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