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  • Digital points

    1. Topic creator can reward his/her points to anyone who reply his/her post.
    2. Register can use money to buy points. He/She can also sell his/her points to other users.
    3. Points can be gained by more and more online time, or by completing forum tasks.
    4. Earn points if the users change their profile photo


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    Profile photo

    1. Show user's gender and other necessary information
    2. Show additional decorations around user's profile photo


    Replying text

    Show additional decorations around user's profile photo if hey buy it by digital points


  • There is a plugins that comes close to it. But it does not work in version 1.12.x

    NS Points

    you can send a mail to and ask if they can make the plugin.

  • Yes I am aware that. But a little difference still needs much work and I am willing to pay for that. I contacted with nodebb but I got no response yet.

  • I am stilling waiting for anyone who can do such plugin and I am willing to pay.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    That's odd... can you send it again, or cc me (my username) @ I don't see anything from you in our inbox...

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