Attachments import and bbcode reformat

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  • Hello,

    Is it possible to import attachments from an old phpbb forum?
    I have successfully imported the posts and categories but how should I replace the content? Remove html tags and get bbcode working?


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    @rod Ohh I see what it does...
    mhm since is in nodebb try:

    $.get(''+new Date().getTime(), function(data) { document.getElementById("YOURTAG").innerHTML = data.replace('document.write(','').replace(')','') }); <noscript> <iframe src="" width="920" height="120" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> </noscript>

    But this probably will not work because they'll have cross-origin ajax control.

    And of course you need to change "YOURTAG" with the id of where you want the ads to appear.

    If it doesn't work.. I don't know then how could you change it 😛

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    I want to convert my 500-600k post forum to nodebb. I'm a node newb, but have years of experience on PHP. Looking forward to learning something new on what looks to be the best next gen forum out there.

    Anywho... the plugin seems to only support 1.0.0. When I install the latest version I have no problems getting nodebb up and running. However if I specifically install 1.0.0, just like I would the latest, it never wants to start. It seems to complain about comparability with plugins.

    Is there something special I should do during the install of 1.0.0 to keep all of the dependencies in sync with what 1.0.0 would.need?


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    I see that its possible to convert from BBpress to Nodebb, But I want to take my attachments from GD bbPress Attachments and my likes from all posts from WP ULike with me, I know this is a very far-fetched request, but someone may have done this before, is there anything out there to perform this conversion?

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    After some more digging I found this:

    Basically import isn't ready for v0.8.2 just yet but akhoury is working on it. Personally I'll wait for an updated import rather than downgrade->import->upgrade given my trouble with plugins and v0.7.x from npm.

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    First of all, I'm new to NodeJS development. I'm liking it so far (except for a few annoyances here and there).

    I am extending development of nodebb-plugin-import-ipboard (forked and will send a PR once it's done) to support a bunch of stuff the current plugin does not currently support, for instance:

    IPB replies which are in a special blockquote format. Spoiler blocks Mentions A few more things...

    On my nodebb-plugin-import-ipboard/index.js file, which I'm requiring from a manual test.js file (so it's not running inside NodeBB!), I placed a:
    var db = require('nodebb-plugin-import/server/db');

    But when I try to use it like this:
    var imported_post = db.getObject("_imported_post:1566");
    I just get "undefined".
    I can see on the debugger variables Redis is loaded (but I don't know if it was loaded correctly.)

    I also tried loading data instead of db:
    var data = require('nodebb-plugin-import/server/data');
    var imported_post = data.getImportedPost("1566");

    And I just get undefined.
    Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?